You are one step away from app success
Create App Store Screenshots from your phone
A complex workflow made simple for everyone
  • Take App screenshots
  • Find devices mockups
  • Check iPhone 5.5”, 6.5”, iPad old/new gens correct resolutions etc.
  • Be good at design
(or pay a designer)
  • Get inspiration from others
  • Take App screenshots
  • Use Store Screens
Coming in every size, for all devices
Forget about the “how” and focus on your idea
It's really special
Store Screens has many features you need to be efficient
Dozens of devices
Choose from more than 40 devices, from iPhone 6 to iPhone XS. Includes iPads too.
Link Screenshots
Fill in the information once, update multiple screenshots at once
Change captions, backgrounds, device positions: you decide.
Add shadows to a device with only a tap
Preview Mode
Preview your screenshots just as on the App Store
Unlimited Projects
Create as many projects as you like, keep them in one place
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